Buccaneer, 2009

w/ Dane Halo

The, 2014

w/ Alannah

Moonbaby. The little Vegas that is east London, ON

Found while wondering.

Comfort, 2013

w/ Val and Amy

"Now, God be praised, that to believing souls gives light in darkness, comfort in despair."

~ W. Shakespeare, 2 Henry VIĀ 

Glad, 2013

w/ Sheena

Our Escapes, 2014

w/ Miss Mary

May Day, 2013

w/ Camille

Hey Hey Hey, 2014

That’s what I say!

w/ Miss Stacy

Up Over, 2014

w/ Alannah

85 to go before I reach 1000 followers. Who will be the lucky 1000?

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Time to Go, 2014

w/ Miss Stacey

December, 2013

w/ Monika

Something About, 2014

w/ Mary-Kate


Across the bed.

Lo-res 35mm film scan.

Just gorgeous